You’ve been talking about writing a book for years.

Or you wrote the book (at least most of it) and never did anything with it.

Or maybe you just have gobs and gobs of content, overflowing from notebooks and journals and filling up your computer, that you haven’t been able to get into a cohesive form.

What’s stopping you from moving forward?

Fear of failure? Fear of finding out it sucks?

No time to write?

Paralyzed by ideas and notes and words?

Whatever it is that’s stopping you, take a moment to consider this:

This book is not about you. It’s about them.

It’s about the people out there who are waiting for your message, for your information. The people who need to hear what you have to say—in the way only you can say it.

The longer you hide behind distractions and fear, the longer they have to wait.

Your ideas can’t serve anyone when they’re locked inside your head, or inside a file cabinet.

You do know your words can change the world, don’t you?

But that can’t happen until you get out of your own way, finish your book, and get it out into the world.