The hard work is done: you've completed a draft of your book!

But the doubts are creeping in...

Is it any good?

Are my ideas well organized?  

Will this resonate with my audience?

How many embarrassing typos did I miss? 


Not only can I take care of those pesky typos, I will help ensure your ideas are well developed and organized in a clear, logical, and enticing way. I will eliminate distractions so your message resonates with readers. When you work with me, your writing will sound like you, only better.


Copy Editing

At Nomad Editorial, copy editing includes everything from offering suggestions on how to improve your book to cleaning up typos and grammatical errors.

6 cents a word for initial editing, $100/hour for optional additional review



Sometimes you just want someone to tell you whether you're on the right track so you can wrap things up before getting into the nitty-gritty of grammar and punctuation. I'll read through your manuscript and provide my feedback on how the content is organized, whether it makes sense, whether the tone is appropriate for the content and the audience, where you can cut down and what could be expanded, and other suggestions for improvement—along with confirmation on what you're doing well.



Developmental Editing

Once you have a complete draft, developmental editing includes the type of feedback described above as well as back and forth and collaboration to revise, restructure, and refine your writing to create a fabulous final manuscript.




If you don't want in-depth feedback or suggestions for improvement but just need another set of eyes to do one final check for embarrassing mistakes, this is for you.

3 cents a word for initial proofreading, $100/hour for optional additional review


Editing and Proofreading Packages

For clients in need of editing or proofreading on an ongoing basis, I offer packages that provide regular access to my services (and, typically, a quick turnaround). This is ideal for frequent blog posts and newsletters, or when you're planning to be creating a large amount of content (say, for a new online course) in a short period of time. Each package must be used up within two months and a new one can be purchased at any time.

Proofreading Package: 5,000 words for $250; Editing Package: 5,000 words for $400


After many drafts, I couldn’t see straight and needed professional help to improve my manuscript. Working with Amy was a collaboration. It felt like she was just as invested in my book as I was, which was a true gift.

Jean-Christie Ashmore

I couldn’t wait to get Amy's comments back. She made the process fun, and the quality of the final product is far superior to what it would have been without her help.

Janis Bowersox

After Amy's editing, it really did feel like it was still my voice, but better. The emotion and poignancy were still there, but my thoughts were now subtly structured and organised for ease of reading.

Tamsin Coates